About the Author

My name is Steven Dahl, Son of Gerald Dahl, Grandson of Alexandre Duvoir. I am not a musician or historian, and I don't read French, so some of the facts contained on this site might be assumed or inacurate. I will try to point out where I need help or don't really know.
I became interested in my GGF when my son became a musician, and I was frequently able to hear wonderful live music in the house. The more I looked into the story, the more I realized that my GGF was quite notable, though very little material existed on the web. My goal is to increase Duvoir's legacy and provide a look at the items he preserved for future generations.
My Great Grandfather was always somewhat of an enigma. I only had the opportunity to meet him on several occasions and I was very young - probably less than 10 years old. He lived in the desert about an hour from my home. On the occasion that we did go to see him, most of my interaction was with his second wife, Jesse. "Grampa Do-voor" is what we called him. His French accent was so thick I could hardly understand a word he said.
His home was modest - a small concrete block house in the middle of nowhere in the desert. He was an avid rock collector and had many impressive specimens both inside and outside of the house. Many of these are now at my father's house. I liked rocks back then, and still do. Jesse would always make us a fine French meal, which as a child I did not find remarkable. It would always be finished with lemon meringue pie, which was such a disappointment because I don't lemon meringue, not then or now. I never heard Grampa play the oboe, but there was always music. Jesse was a fine musician on the organ. Grampa had an extensive detailed HO train set that I was keenly interested in seeing, but I never did. The evening would end with star gazing and a long ride home.
Ideally, this site will have some interaction with scholars and can grow Wiki style as the knowledge grows. Feel free to correct any facts and add comment where something is not completely explained.