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Duvoir's Music Store

During his time in Minneapolis, Alexandre Duvoir had a music store. The items below are left over inventory of sheet music from ~ 1910-1940. The items reflect Duvoir's love of oboe and his teachings at the Paris Conservatory. Most of these are in mint, or near mint condition.
These items may be for sale at a later time when it is determined if they have no significance in the overall collection. Please let us know if you have interest in any of these items and we will let you know if they become available.
I have decided to forward many of these pieces to The Clarinet Institute of Los Angeles for scanning and distribution. The Clarinet Institute is dedicated to archiving music and making it available at very reasonable prices. Their project is similar to the IMSLP / Petrucci Music Library except they focus on woodwinds.

Quarte Pieces pour Hautbois by Guilhaud

2 copies each, pieces 1&2, pieces 3&4

Fantasie by Vincent d'Indy

Orchestrial piece with music for all of orchestra.

One copy.

Etudes Elementaires by Joseph Sellner

One Copy.

 Trois Petites Pieces pour Hautbois et Piano by J.S. Bach

One copy.

 Scenes Ecossaises by Godard

A mon Ami Georges Gillet

  • 4 Copies Legende Pastorale
  • 2 Copies Serenade a Mabel
  • 6 Copies Marche des Highlanders

 Concerto for Basson by Mozart

2 Copies

 New Grand Method for Saxophone by A. Mayeur

1 Copy. Very thick. Copyright 1896.