Analysis of Grandval Pieces

Ideas presented here look the the idea that these pieces:
  1. Were written by the same hand
  2. Perhaps that hand was Grandval herself
  3. Establish that "Pieces pour Cor Anglais" (unattributed) is perhaps a Grandval piece.
I invite comment or criticism on this analysis. Let the truth prevail.
I. Pieces Examined
  • Deux Pieces pour Hautbois. Machine-printed with inscription. This piece provides unchallenged sample of Grandval writing.
  • Hautbois Solo (copy 2). This piece is very rough with a lot of corrections, much like a work in progress.
  • Hautbois Solo. This piece is a finished copy with careful lettering and a cover.
  • Concerto pour Hautbois. This piece is very rough with a lot of corrections and no cover sheet.
  • Pieces pour Cor Anglais. This piece is not attributed to a composer. As the writting style matches, I believe it is an original Grandval piece. Somewhat rough, corrections and no cover.
II. Establishment of Signatures
I believe signatures are close enough to assume they are from the same hand.

 Signature on inscription from Grandval to Gillet on "Deux Pieces pour Hautbois", machine printed work.

This signature is deemed to be an original and actual signature from Grandval. There is no other explanation.

  Signature from "Hautbois Solo (copy 2)".
Signature on "Concerto Pour Hautbois"
III. Comparison of selected elements on the pieces

Hautbois Solo 

Hautbois Solo
(copy 2) 


Cor Anglais

The piece "Hautbois Solo" is a formal copy with care taken to ensure that it is neat and presentable. The lettering style and pen used are much more formal, however, certain elements are very similar to the other pieces, like the stroke of the "t", and the formation of the "e", "o" and "c".
Of these pieces, definately "Hautbois Solo" looks the lease like the rest, however, it was presented in a different manner. There are enough similarities to consider it possible that it was penned by the same person.
The other three pieces are indistinguishable.

IV. Conjecture and Circumstantial Evidence

  • It is common knowledge that Grandval wrote "Concerto" for Gillet. The date associated with that piece was 1878. The piece above dates 1877.
  • "Concerto" is dated and the placed "Fontainebleau, 16 Juillet, 1877". Fontainebleau is the city outside Paris where Grandval is presumed to have lived at the time. It is standard procedure to sign, date and give the place for any official document in French.
  • The Duvoir collection has a strong provenance for authentic Gillet items. There are many items with Gillet's name on them; Duvoir is a known student of Gillet; These items were passed through Duvoir's family as a collection.
  • If anybody were to have a copy of original work other than Grandval, it would be Gillet.
  • These works (except Hautbois Solo) are all rough and have many corrections. In addition, they do not have cover pages. This is exactly how I would expect a draft copy by the composer to look.
  • Hautbois Solo is how I would expect a final copy of a draft to look.