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Recordings of Alexandre Duvoir are out there!
  • The Minneapolis Symphony has released an archive CD. I do not know if they feature oboe solos.
  • The Minneapolis Symphony was widely broadcast on radio (one of the first) and there are recordings of the broadcast.
  • Duvoir was employed by RKO studios in Los Angeles from 1940 to around 1960. Anything done by RKO would have him featured on oboe, though credits are rare.
  • Duvoir was credited for the original "Around the World in 80 Days" soundtrack.
  • Family history suggest he played the soundtrack for "Lady and the Tramp"
  • He appeared in various symphonys and music groups in Los Angeles.
  • He did a recording of Hindemith and Poulenc in a quintet called "The Fine Arts Wind Players" with Mitchell Lurie on Clarinet in 1955.

Sololo Tensmourch by R. Schumann, Ar. Alexandre Duvoir
Not sure I have correct title. This is a very short piece arranged by Alexandre Duvoir for flute, oboe, B flat clarinet and bassoon. The inscription "Property of A. Duvoir 3508 Third Ave So, Minneapolis suggest it must date between 1920 and 1940. My guess it is toward the end of that timeframe, and more likely related to his professorship than the symphony.
Fine Arts Wind Players
Capitol Records P8258, 1956
Francis Poulenc - Sextette for Piano and Wind Instruments
Paul Hindemith - Quintet for Wind Instruments (Kleine Kammermusik Op. 24, No. 2)
  • Haakon Bergh, Flute
  • Mitchell Lurie, Clarinet
  • Alexandre Duvoir, Oboe
  • Sinclair Lott, French Horn
  • Jack Marsh, Bassoon
  • Leona Lurie, Piano
Song List:
Side 1 - Poulenc
Allegro vivace
Side 2 - Hindemith (click to listen - opens in new window)
Second Movement-Waltz
Fourth Movement-Very Lively
"As a young oboe student in NYC during the 1950s I remember vividly the arrival at home of the Fine Arts Wind Players recording which soon became an inspiration to me with M. Duvoir's crisp articulation and total flexibility. It was not until years later when I joined the Minnesota Orchestra[ Mpls. Symphony] that I discovered that I was playing in the same band as the famous Duvoir. What a treat.” Basil Reeve, Principal Oboe, Minnesota Orchestra

Steve Dahl,
Oct 12, 2009, 3:47 PM
Steve Dahl,
Oct 12, 2009, 3:47 PM